Good sport horse for sale. Easy flying changes and easy to ride. Beautiful and not spooky. This horse can fit anyone from amateur to advanced rider. Very good jumping horse. KWPN Dutch warmblood horse, with an big heart. Can help you in the course.
Brand: KWPN Dutch warmblood
Manufacturer: Roven x Elberton
sport horse for sale

Name: Zero tolerance
Age: from the year: 2004
Pedigree: Roven x Elberton
Level: 1.30/1.35
Color: Gray
Gender: Gelding
Height: 16.2hands/1.67m
Note: Good sport horse for sale

Zero tolerance is a super easy and quite gelding. This horse has very good flying changes. In the video you can see first a jumping course and after some dressage. With some pretty good flying changes. This horse is not spooky and very easy is the course. Zero tolerance has absolute no problem with jumping water. A perfect horse for everyone! This horse has also a good jump. Every jump looks easy and is also for the rider easy. This good sport horse is now for sale. Beautiful and super easy to ride. Together with the good jumping style it makes a complete package.