Show jumping horses: Training tips.

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Al lot riders are having some problems with riding distances. If you want that you and your horse be in harmony when show jumping, you first need to understand some basic facts. To better analyse the jump and the relation between one jump and another.

At competitions mostly the best riders win. They have a correct distance/take-off points, nice rhythm between fences and turn nice and smooth. These are the most important elements to have success.

Riding your horse with a good rhythm is important because it is directly connected with balance. Good rhythm can break or make your balance. A horse with a good balance can jump relaxed/easy and make no stupid faults.

If you pull or lose your rains in turns you can never expect that a horse jump good after the turn. So turn nice and smooth and most of the time your distance is coming as we speak.


The understanding of distances

But all these things are just factors in the bigger picture. Every jump has his own take-off points. I want to discuss every jump separate.

Jumping a vertical:

A vertical is a fence that can be tricky. When you ride your distance too short on a vertical, it takes a lot of effort for a horse to jump clear. The take-off point of a vertical is further than an oxer. A horse jumps in an arc. If the horse jumps over the vertical the highest point is in the middle.

Jumping with your horse over an oxer:

The take-off point for an oxer is getting closer if the width of the oxer increases. So The middle of the fence is always the highest point.

Of course if the fence is getting higher the distance needs also be further
from the oxer. But like I sad, if the fence is getting more width the take-off point is smaller.

Jumping a triple bar:

Triple bars are three fences upwards directly after each other. The take-off point is the closest of all. So the arc is at his highest point at the last and highest bar. Maybe you notices. If you look at the pictures, the oxer and the vertical are the same distances before and after. The triple bar is al little bit different because the distance to the fence is shorter but after the same as the other two.


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Show jumping training tips.