Official jumping course

official jumping course

For those who areĀ interested in a official jumping course. This
course was used at a 1.35m course. 4 feet and 5 inches(4’5”).


The length of the course is 460meters(503 yards). Time allowed: 79 seconds. With a speed of 350meters per minut. Ten fences and twelve jumps. Competition against the clock.


Line two to three, eight strides. Distance between four-A and four-B 7.40meters(24.3 feet). Line six to seven, six strides normal riding. Same distance for the eight-A and B dubbel as dubbel four.


Last line nine to ten, five strides. In this line you need to close your horse a little otherwise you get a pole on ten.


If you ride your horse with a normal tempo you should easy ride within the maximum time.



The FEI (federation equestrian international) has a special education system for official jumping course builders. If you wanna know more about this visite the website: FEI Officials