Royal dutch KWPN sporthorses

buying royal dutch kwpn sporthorses

Every year we sell a lot of horses, all over the world. We sold amateur horses but also Grand Prix horses. But every time we did, we made the best possible match for each client. So you can just enjoy your horse.

In the 25 years we are selling horses we have build a lot of knowledge and experience. In that time we build an enormous clientele. In the past it was only Europa and America but the last 5 years Asia is becoming a important continent for us.

We offer top quality, most of the time Royal dutch KWPN sporthorses (dutch warmblood horses). On demand we can also deliver Belgium warmblood or Hanoverian horses.

We are selling horses all over the world. Here is a list of the most recent country’s we sold a horse:



– France
– Spain
– Sweden
– Germany
– Italy
– United Kingdom
– Portugal
– Republic of Ireland
– Netherlands
– Belgium
– Turkey


– India
– Republic of China
– South Korea
– Indonesia
– Saudi Arabia
– Turkey
– United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)

North America:

– United States (USA)
– Mexico
– Canada
– Guatemala

South America:

– Argentina
– Brazil


– South Africa