Dutch warmblood horses

What kind of type are they?

We have Dutch warmblood horses for sale but what are they for kind of horses? Are they so different than American quarter horses or thoroughbred horses? To answer that question I want you to now first what are Dutch warmbloods?

Dutch warmblood horses breed originally in the Netherlands. They preform at the highest levels in show jumping and dressage. Are fearless, work willing, physically and mental strong. Most of the Dutch warmbloods are easy to handle and very reliable. They are also beautiful to see.

Because of the planned breeding policy of the KWPN (Royal Dutch horses Netherlands), the KWPN horses features a sound mind in a sound body. The horses are very popular in all levels and all kinds of equestrian sports. That is because they have a uncomplicated sport mind. The Dutch warmblood horses perform at international (Grand Prix) levels. View weeks ago I posted also an article about Dutch warmblood horses at the Olympic in London. The horses preformed overall at show jumping and dressage the best.

Not only for the professional rider the Dutch warmblood horse fits, also a lot of amateur riders and horse enthusiasts buy a Dutch warmblood horse.


dutch warmblood horses

The nature of Dutch warmblood horses

Years ago horse people found that branding horses was no longer something of this time. So the Dutch made branding horses illegal.

Today, only the oldest Dutch warmblood horses have a branding on their left hip. Now days with modern technology, they microchip a horse. To be a Dutch warmblood a horse must be at least 15.2 hands. Stallions have to have a minimum height of 15.3 hands. There is no maximum height for horses.



Dutch sport horses in the Netherlands

The most Dutch warmblood horses are; brown, black, grey, bay, chestnut and sometimes they have white markings. All horses are selected to be uncomplicated to handle and to ride. Dressage horses are tested to be cooperative and show jumping horses need to have courage and relaxed.

Years back the Dutch warmblood breeding has turned from breeding a “sport horse” to further specialization, dressage type or show jumper. The reason why they wanted to specialize is the negative genetic ability of being a dressage horse or show jumping horse. By separate those two things fast genetic progress could achieve. To protect the good things as ride ability for jumping horses and not losing canter quality in dressage.

The Dutch warmblood horses are build uphill in a rectangular frame. Long-legged with an expressive head. How a Dutch warmblood exactly look like? That depends on the pedigree of the horses.