Buying your dream/ perfect horse.

How to find the perfect horse?

So today someone asked me: “How to find the perfect horse?” My first reaction was “that depends”. It depends on different factors. Do you want a good horse for jumping, dressage, equitation or maybe you want a good hunter? Are you an amateur or a professional rider? Does the gender or colour matter? Do you want a young horse or a highly experienced horse? So you can learn something from your horse.

How to buy the perfect horse?

You see there are so many things. The best thing you could do is e-mail. Just e-mail is the best option. Like our stable, we have more than 35 horses for sale and not every horse is on the website. So e-mail your wishes and we probably have a horse that fits. If you have a very special wish and we don’t have that horse on the stable. We call or contacts in the Netherlands and we find your perfect horse. No matter what it takes, we get your perfect horse!

Buying your perfect horse.

Where to start with your search? You probably are wondering which country has the best horses? The big “horse countries”

1. The Netherlands

One of the biggest export products of the Netherlands are Dutch warmblood horses (okay, and cheese). This nation has sold many horses all over de world and is doing very well at international shows. Last Olympic we had several medals in jumping and dressage. The Netherlands had a very high placed famous studbook, called KWPN (Royal Dutch warmblood horses).

2. Germany

Germany is also one of the biggest. With the Netherlands this county has bring many very good international horses. Germany has also his own studbook. And they have so many good riders.

3. America

America import many horses from Germany and the Netherlands. The come to Europa to buy relative cheap horses. For jumping, dressage, equitation and a lot of hunters. They ship them over, ride the horses on competitions and sometimes sell them. And then it starts again, they go to Europa en buy new horses.

When we find your dream horse.

If you ordered us to find your perfect horse and we find him or her. We tell you, send you some videos or pictures and a lot of information. So you can decide “this is the horse I want!” Sometimes it is not the horse you’re looking for and then we then we look further. We don’t stop till our client is happy!

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