front stableThe beginning of Dutch sporthorses.

In 1989 Wilfred Beerse and Monique Scholler started a stable in the North of the Netherlands. It had the name “Leeuwarder manege”. Located in Leeuwarden. Back in the days, there were given many riding lessons. They had forty boxes for stabling horses an indoor and outdoor arena. After a while they wanted something new. They started to train and sell sport horses. This was the beginning of Dutch sporthorses.

 A brand new stable

In 2007, eighteen years later they built a new stable. Brand new, with everything they ever wanted. A beautiful facility. With a new barn, made out of hardwood. A very nice outdoor arena with all-weather bottom. The possibility to ride outside, whenever you want!
A place with eighty boxes. A closed horse walker up to eight horsesair picture of the horse stable and a special closedlounge ring.With a big outside jumping ring 80m x 40m. And a great dressage ring 60m x 20m.



Dutch sporthorses is the perfect environment for people to work in. Also the perfect place for young horses, where they can develop and grow. One benefit of living in the Netherlands, is that here are many official horse shows. So we can compete every week. Giving the horses the chance to gather experience. We are training more than 25 horses. At different levels, from beginner horses up to grand prix horses. At national and international shows.


We have cafeteria with view stablealso very good teachers to help you and your horse. They are experienced and highly professional. They teach you dressage and jumping at your own level. No matter if you are a beginner or professional rider.



Our facilities

Dutch sporthorses offers excellent facilities for you and your horse. Some of our facilities:

– Jumping area 40 x 80 meter, all-weather ground
– Jumping course almost every day
– Dressage area 22 x 60 meter, all-weather ground
– Inside area 25 x 90 meter for cold timeshorses jumping ring
– Closed horse walker, for 8 horses- Closed lounge ring- Wash and clean area, with hot and cold water
– Solarium for horses
– Two paddocks- 18 ha, for grazing the horses
– Cozy cafeteria with special smoking area
– Enough parking places
– Events area- Shower facilities for riders
– Gallop track, length 400m width 12m





horses dressage ring