Horses for sale

Show jumping horses for sale

So you are searching the Internet for “horses for sale” and you came on this website. You’re at the right address! We sell the best sport horses for good prices. We have many show jumping horses for sale. We have a big stable in the north or the Netherlands with a total of 100 boxes. At this moment we have 30 show jumpers, 30 boxes are used for stabling horses for other clients. And the remind 30 boxes are for our friesian horses. Lucky for you they are all for sale. You can choose from our best selection of horses.

Quality training

We provide quality training for every horse. Therefore we have two experienced riders. Our horses are honest and trained on a fair way. We offer to have a big range of choice. At least 30 horses for sale at our farm. Because every client likes to have a different horse. There is always a perfect horse for sale.

We have very nice experienced horses for sale. And we have some young horses for sale.Prospect hunters, easy amateur horses, grand prix horses, very good jumping horses. From ages 4 to 12 years old. For amateur riders, more experienced riders and professional riders.


jumping horses for sale

Show jumping horses and top hunters for sale

We have also hunters for sale. Very beautiful horses with some nice flatwork. They have super easy flying changes. Great manners for jumping and most important, sweet character at the stable and with riding. Not spooky, easy, brave and jumping water. So if you are looking for a hunter for a good price. You come to the right address at dutch sport horses.

Dressage and equitation horses

At the moment we have some nice big easy equitation horses for sale. They are easy, good character, good minded and easy to ride. Please check or list with sport horses for sale.We got also nice dressage horses for sale. If you are looking for a special dressage horse, just email and we get the horse you like. And say tuned, we are very busy with getting new horses on video.


If you have questions about the current horses for sale email: